Oh, what a lovely symphonic concert tonight.

No oboes, no violins, no French horns….

It was not at a concert hall.

It took place in an ancient venue.

The musicians were quite skilled.

A whippoorwill, an owl or two and several song birds carried the main theme,

While Blue Jays, Crows and cicadas provided the bass and percussion.

I was the only human, in the audience, capturing the nuances of a glorious rhapsody.

I wondered about the origin of music, as I enjoyed the concert from my deck.

It was one of the most peaceful, relaxing moments of my life.

And it took place after an especially stressful day.

No TV, no computer, no phone, just an attempt to sit in silence, to reflect and to listen.

What took so long for me to discover the orchestral beauty of nature?

No matter.

Now that I know the secret of relaxation, I can’t wait for the next concert.




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