Summer time

The living is easy.

Well, not that easy.

Strike that  comment.

Let’s face it.

We are either winter people or summer people.

There are those who prefer to freeze and those who love to fry.

And of course, there are those middle of the roaders who claim that spring and fall are the cat’s meow.

For my cats:  They love the heat.

Dogs? They love the snow.

Young people? They don’t care.

They go with the flow.

Hot is good.

Cold is fine.

Tepid is cool.

And stormy is awesome.

Old people?

Don’t ask.

Just let me live in Florida or Arizona, or , if I have to live in the Northland, keep the fire burning and the cat on the bed.

For this week, it happens to be that time of year when temps soar in the 90’s.

Let’s take a week off, drive to the Jersey shore and enjoy the ocean’s breeze.

Or, on the flip side:  Turn up the AC, hibernate inside and ride out the wave.

For me, I must admit:  I love the summer.

I love the winter.

I love the spring and I love the fall.

Life and nature have their 4 seasons.

I have been a spring chicken, a hot tamale, a crispy critter and am now approaching the ice age.

Thankfully, I am still hanging in there, enduring the excessive heat, finding my watering hole, as I venture home each night.

May I raise my glass to toast to you, whatever your age, your attitude, your goals in life?


We have shared another day on this planet.

We are among the living.

Make the best of it.

Enjoy one another.

If we are here tomorrow, it’s up to you, to make the day a special one for those you encounter.

It just may be the most important thing you will do…..each day.




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