Walking about, day or night summer or winter, on the Northern tip of Minnesota.



The world is a wonderful place.

No school bus.

Walked to and from school, early mornings and late evenings.



Cold, but the world is a wonderful place.

Played outside.

No restrictions.

Hiking, biking, or just hanging out.

Life is good.

Swimming in high school:  last hour.

Walked home, in the dark, with icicles in my hair.

A man stepped out of the shadows.

A flashlight exposing himself.

Racing home, breathless.

Mom!  Help me.

She didn’t believe me.

Fear began to invade my life.

Time to go to the dentist.

Do I have to?

I don’t like going there.

I don’t like what he does to me.

Sweet 16.

What is happening to my life?

Got a job.

Worked after school.

Took the bus home.


What is happening to me?

Coworker found, murdered.

No one ever caught.

Friend who accompanied me home from ice skating, convicted of stabbing several women.

Living on the tip of Northern Minnesota.

Not so safe.

Not so innocent.

Moved away.

Never to find that safe place again.

Panic disorder.




There is no safe place.

Accept it.

It is ok.

Do what makes you happy.

Forget and forgive the past.

Live for today.

Not a perfect world.

Don’t let fear take over.

Go for it.

It’s worth it.

In spite of the consequences.





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