Wondering what the statistics are:

In the past 2 years, how many white police officers have killed non white citizens?

How many non white officers killed  white citizens?

What about non white officers killing non white citizens?

How many police officers were killed in the line of duty?

Or is that relevant?

Is it true that those who are drawn to criminal justice have strong feelings about good vs evil?

Right vs wrong?

Is it that the world is seen in black  and white? And there is no grey?

Haven’t you noticed the world is no longer white nor black.

Our society is a rich mixture of diversity.

Is it really us against them?

I have no answers.

But I do believe that our values are at the core of our country’s problems today.

Rich vs poor.

Have vs have nots.

Jobs vs welfare.

Love vs hate.

Blaming others will not solve the problem.

The solution?

It is up to every one of us, to find the key to living in peace.

The enemy is not white.

The enemy is not black.

The enemy is hatred.






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