July Newsletter to all employees:

Hey kids!  It’s summertime!

The living is easy.

And there is a company trying to eat our lunch.


Let me reaffirm:

There is a company trying to devour us.

Are we for sale?

I guess we all are, if the price is right.

So, today we belong to one company, tomorrow?  Who knows?

Have you ever lived through an acquisition?

Or a divestiture?

Let me say this about that:

Change is good.

Change is constant.

Change may drive a spike through your heart, but you will live to see another day.

6 months, kids.

We shall see.

We may or we may not emerge as we are today.

It’s ok.

It always is.

100 years from now, who will remember or care?

Wait, at the rate we are going, 5 years from now, who will remember or care?

Life!  What a ride!

Nothing stays the same.

Correction:  Our future is dependent on our ability to roll with the punches, to continuously improve, and to market ourselves.

And the one constant?

A passion, to adapt and to succeed.

When you think about those you will want to take with you, to the next job, to the next company, to the next change, it just may be those who worked with you, side by side, to make you successful.

Or maybe, just those who created a positive, energetic and fun atmosphere, while getting the job done.

Until then, it will be an interesting ride.





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