Hot one.


Hey, it’s July.

I am not complaining.

Just being mundane.


Busy day.

Rather wild.

Actually, I love wild.

Not sure if you feel like I do, but the more I have to do, the better I like it.

My favorite things today?

Connecting with people.

Actually, that is my favorite thing every day.

Good news, bad news, questions, answers, problems, solutions:  It’s what I think my job is all about.

At the end of the day, I usually  have these feelings:  Things are ok or they are not ok.

Today, things were ok.

Tomorrow, they may not be.

My mission, everyday, is to find the path to success.

Yeah, I am not running a giant monopoly.

I am not a high level employee.

I do not have the authority to dictate policy or to change direction.

I am much more powerful than that.

I communicate with the front line production and customer service people, and together, we make things happen.

Amazing, that’s what we are.




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