Man down.

Woman trying to help downed man.

Dead weight.

Cats trying to help.

What the heck?

Is old age this wild?

Put a pillow and blankie on the floor, in the hallway.

Downed man taking a snooze, with the cats.

Every 10 minutes:  “you ok?”

“Want to try to make it to the bed?”

Downed man:  “Turn out the light.  Give me another 10 minutes.”

After an hour, decided to make a move.

“Ok, here we go. Upsy daisy.”

Used the old coach routine:

“Remember your days in basketball.  Give it your best shot.  After all, Bobby Knight wanted you, back in the day.”

“Shut up about basketball.”

“Ok.  So, pretend you are on a deserted island and the tsunami is approaching.  Move it.”

After another half hour, the old boy is in bed, watching channel 7. Andy, Barney, Mash, Columbo and all that stuff from another age.

I think the old boy had a few too many tsunamis in his glass tonight.  Jameson, me thinks.

He apologizes.

I tell him it’s ok.

We all have our moments.

I open a bottle of wine.

After one glass, I put a cork on it.

It would not be good if there was a woman down.

Not in this house.

The cats would absolutely protest.

And I highly doubt if they would put a pillow and blankie on me.

Oh life! How great it is, as one ages beyond the normal life expectancy.



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