I am revealing a little known secret about me.

I took another trip this weekend.

I didn’t have to drive.

I just grabbed a cup of coffee and my bug zapper and sat out on the deck.

It is so quiet on a Sunday morning, in the country.

Just the birds chirping in the many languages and sounds that birds have.

No TV, music, cell phones.

Just me and the birds.

Occasionally, the cat would wander by, to see what I was doing.

He would sit for a few minutes, and then leave for his retreat, somewhere in the yard, in the sun.

Now that the day is winding down, I am taking another trip.

Same place, this time with a glass of wine.

It is time for my neighbors to take their horses for a ride.

I love watching them stroll by.

The sky is clouding up.


It’s time for me to do some cloud watching.

And listen to the birds singing their night time lullabies.






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