Ever have a day when one problem solved, another erupts?

By noon, there have been so many eruptions, you don’t know if you have been in an earth quake or you have been exorcised.

Oh so hungry.


Conference call.

Ding. Ding .Ding.

Yes, it is my email dinging, reminding me that I have a meeting.

And guess what?

I am the organizer.

Now what?

Dial in, suck it up and put on the organizer hat.

Throw my hat in the air when the call is over and think about lunch.


24 emails waiting for a response.

14 orders, delayed beyond a reasonable doubt.

Answers, please.

Now, folks, what kind of response does one give to alleviate the pain?

If you think about it, it is the pain that is felt at a much higher level and de-escalates to those on the front line.

Guess where I am?

You got it.

Rock Bottom.

It is my job to satisfy those who are waiting for one perfect answer:  Get the job done and do it now.

I use my limited intelligence to appeal to my peers.

Can we?

If not, when can we?

This is urgent, so please do what you can.

And at the end of the day, nothing has changed.

Oh boy.

I have to deal with this tomorrow.

I decide to take the initiative.

I pick up the phone, talk turkey to those who need answers and buy more time.

I hear the disappointment in their voices, but they thank me for calling, to let them know.

That is what I call class.

Or maybe it is just plain courtesy.

You see, most people can accept the bad news, as long as you keep communicating.

I will be on the phone a lot tomorrow.

I can feel it.

It’s the least I can do.

After, of course, I try, once again, to find a way to resolve the issues.

We are all a team.

But we are all in competition, when it comes to prioritizing.

Customer Service:  What a fine line we walk.

Some say it is a burn out job.

A no win job.

I have heard many say: “I love my job, if it weren’t for the customers…..”

Ding ding.

Another conference call.

I am the organizer.

I forego my organizer hat and let the participants discuss the issues.

Everyone participates.

Everyone expresses opinions.

Everyone feels good.

Everyone feels special and valued.

End the day on a positive note.

What will tomorrow bring?

It’s ok, whatever it is.

That’s the secret of customer service.

Communication, negotiation and attitude.

Until then….










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