Be honest.

What really bugs you?

May I list a couple of doozies?

You know what, I don’t need your permission.

That is number one on my list.

People who judge.


I really do care about you, but do you have to go into detail about some of the health issues you may have?

I am not a doctor.

I have aches and pains.

We all do.


Life is like that.

Moving along:

Don’t preach to me.

I respect your religious and/or political views, but I don’t want to get into a discussion about right and wrong, left or right, or heaven and hell.

It is a no win situation.

Sucking up is my next bug.

Do you really think that you can be respected when you relinquish your right to your beliefs?

You might satisfy those who hold power or authority, but you will most likely lose yourself.

Interrupting others.

I am guilty of this.

There are times when I am so full of myself, that I just can’t wait.

How very rude of me.

Abuse, vocal and physical, is at the top of my list.

Especially those who abuse women, children and pets.


Ok, rant over.

For now.

Until tomorrow,

May you be happy with who you are, respect others, and most importantly, live your life, every day, never giving up on your dreams.






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