Another day of oral torture.

Dental, that is.

An hour appointment.

One crown.

Long live the queen.


The crown didn’t fit.

And if it doesn’t fit, you must sit… and wait….. for the crown to be “remilled.”

The hour multiplied to a 2 hour adventure.

I am not fond of pain, but at least I am almost done with the torture.


Now I have to make a decision.

One tooth to go.

Recommended:  Implant.

Go to a surgeon, have some kind of screw implanted, wait up to 6 months for it to bond to the bone and wear a flipper.

The flipper is something like a very thin set of dentures that has a fake tooth attached to it.

No eating or sleeping with that flipper.

Just waiting…. for up to 6 months for the screw to heal.

And then, go back to the dentist.

Get another crown, attached to the screw, and life is good again.

Or…. just take me out back and shoot me.

The way I feel tonight, I am going out back….. with a glass of ice, a beer and a straw.

7 trips to the dentist in 2 months.

Will it ever end?





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