Not sure why this was disturbing to me, but it was.

In the checkout line, at the grocery store.

Ahead of me, a young woman in her 20s with a child, who was approximately 4 years old.

The child was wearing a designer dress, flashy sunglasses, and spectacular sandals.

Mom was fit, trim, and blonde.

The little girl had 2 bottles in her hand, one pink and one blue.  She insisted that her mother should buy them.

Mom said, “Are you sure?  It looks a little greasy to me.”

Little girl:  “No, it’s fine.  You don’t understand.  I need both of these.”

The dialogue continued, while mom pulled out of reusable bags, vegetable after vegetable.

Health conscious, for sure.

I was skeptical , wondering what kind of relationship this kid has with her mother.

I thought about my childhood. How different it was from the one some kids have today.

We were happy if mom made kool aid and baked cookies for us.

I wore my sister’s hand me downs, and we shared a bicycle, the 3 of us kids.

Not that I had the ultimate experience as a child.

But I was certainly not spoiled.

I think the little princess most likely left the store, with the pink and blue bottles.

I think she most likely gets her way most of the time.

She has her health conscious mother wrapped around her finger.

As I walked out to unload my groceries in the car, I noticed mother and daughter in the parking lot.

Mom haphazardly pushed her cart in the lot, as the princess and queen entered their vehicle.

The cart went on a ride of its own, crashing into a truck several feet away.

Mom pulled out in a rush, never looking back.

A chance encounter has me wondering if the world has really changed this much.

And wondering if wealth and status creates a mind set of privilege, in ourselves and in our children.







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