I have a sinus infection.

And guess why?

Not enough Vitamin C.

So, tonight, I stopped, on the way home.

For a large OJ.

As usual, I did not pass the bar.

I felt I was sneezing less than I had all day.

So I had another.

I love self medication.

This little piggy went to market.

This little piggy stayed home.

This little piggy had OJ.

And this little piggy had none.

And this little piggy cried, Wee Wee Wee

All the way home.

Yes, she pp’d in her pants.

But her sinuses?

Much better.

So, when your piggy has the sniffles,

Or when your piggy takes on a life of her own,


You were once a piggy.

Treat her with kindness.

Buy her a drink.


Make that a double.

She’s a good girl.

Crazy bout Elvis.

Ok, she is obsessed with Tom Petty.

She gets in her pajamas, and runs down a dream.

Sneezing her ass off.

Goes out on her deck.

Free falls, after her deck chair collapses.

Another disaster.

All because she has a sinus infection.

And a fat ass.









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