I understand that Monday is probably the least favorite day of the week.

But it sets the tone for the days that follow.

Today, I was all about getting things done, keeping up with the work load, communicating across the organization.

It was so God awful muggy and hot, that I decided to stay put on my lunch hour, with a bowl of oatmeal and a croissant.

After reading a few chapters and finishing lunch, I logged in to email to see who needed attention.

No internet.

No phone.

Ok, so it will probably just take a few minutes and things will be running smoothly.

Read a few more chapter.

Every 10 minutes.

Things working?


As the minutes turned into hours, another lesson learned.

Computers may be faster, bringing  immediate issues to our attention,  in real time, but when they don’t work, neither do we.

Deadlines, promises and service level agreements?  Not gonna happen.

Decided to fall back on my basic skills before the age of technology.

Filed records.

Cleaned my desk.

Typed a few word docs.

And felt restless, anxious.

I actually missed the madness of the instant messages.

I felt that I was letting my customers down.

I was isolated.

Out of the loop.

Kept checking my computer and phone.

Walked over to co workers to see what they were doing.

And when it came time to leave, I did not feel good about the day.

Maybe I am brain washed.

Or perhaps, conditioned to the fast pace of the multi tasking working world.

It could be that I missed my fix for the day.

The more I accomplish, the better I feel.

Or even more likely, I can’t stand not to know what is going on.

It’s all about communication.

Without it, we just can’t survive.






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