How now brown cow?

Had another day of reckoning.

Can you?


Will you?

I will do my best.

Now what?

Hey hey my my.

Rock and roll will never die.

Watch me, as I do the dance of the sugar plum fairies.

Hey, not good enough.

What other tricks have you got up your sleeve?

I am a pin ball wizard, a man of la mancha, a pain in the ass, a cat on a hot tin roof, a young and tan and lovely….

Hey, I have evolved into a boring song, on an elevator.

Substance, please.

Some days make no sense.

So, let it all hang out.

Do it.

Give your best.

And after 8 hours?

Find those who are so whacked, that they find nirvana.

One more day, my friends.

One more chance to make it happen.

If not, bye bye.

It’s your chance to make it happen.

I hope you do.

If not?

Hey, kids, Listen to Tom Petty Sirius Radio.

Don’t back down, don’t come round here no more, and let’s run down a dream.

Oh yeah.

And in the words of the prophet, Chicken Butt: “I love you !  All of you. It doesn’t matter who you are, or what you do, or if you rule the world.

You are you.

And that is enough.

Let’s make tomorrow a wonderful thing.

See you then.

Make it a sparkling day.

Live, love, laugh.







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