The last week of July 2016?

Truth:  Time flies.

Did you enjoy the better part of summer?

What memories are forever tucked away, to be cherished?

Perhaps a trip to Europe or a cruise in the Caribbean.

Maybe partying with family and friends, on the patio, or around the pool.

Or, if you are like me, a much less dramatic summer, savoring the moments of ordinary days.

Sitting on the deck, with a cold beer, enjoying the peace and solitude after working all week.

A few special luncheons, with my sister in law.  We rarely get to hang out together, just she and I, but when we do, it is time filled with laughter and shenanigans.

Meeting with my friends, Carol and Dave, every Thursday night, before they move to Florida.

A fun birthday celebration at work, with cake and balloons, especially Grumpy Cat balloon.

Observing the positive changes in friends who are filling life long goals and dreams.

Appreciating friends and coworkers who make working a positive and fun experience.

Getting up each morning, and having a dialogue with the “Oh Wow” cat.  What a hoot he is.

Doing what I can to make Jim comfortable, as he battles failing health.

Feeling closer to my family in Minnesota this year, more than I have for many years.  So happy I was able to visit them last year.

Feeling healthy, for the most part, and giving thanks for that.

And most of all:  Just being myself,  wild and goofy.

I love wild and goofy.




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