Guess what?

No, not Chicken Butt.

I have today off.

I decided to go shopping.

Got to the store.

No glasses.


I can’t see.

Now what?

Asked the clerk for help…… about 200 times.

I am now black balled from the store.

Stopped at the bar.

No need to see.

Pour me, pour me.

Or is it:

Poor me, poor me?

It is always a breeze at the bar.

Especially when Caitlynn is in charge.

Some day Cait will be running this place, as the owner/manager/guru/ Godlike kid….etc.

Love that girl

Sitting, sipping, waiting for my take out.

A ghost appears.

The beer cooler doors open and shut, with no one in sight.

Cait tells me I am right.

There is a ghost who hangs out in this very old establishment.

Give me another double, Cait.

And let me say this about that!


Hey, you old ghost!

Have I told you lately, that you have an amazing dad?

Drove home, without a guest ghost.

I better go back tomorrow.

To see who it is.

Cait says some guy was killed in this establishment.

Many, many years ago.

I wink.

Yeah, I know

I was there.

It was Abe Lincoln.

At the Ford Theater.

Cait refuses to serve me another.

Thank Goodness.

I am blizted.

What a wonderful day!








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