Good news, bad news, and then just news.

Made it through a very stormy night.

No trees down.

Roof holding steady.

Power off and on quickly.

Then it was 530am, Monday.

So gloomy.

Flood watch.

Not til later.

Grabbed a blueberry turnover and a cup of hot coffee and off to work I go.

2 hours into the work day, finally had time to grab a bite.

Turnover was gooey and coffee was cold.

Unhappy customers.

Me?  Blind sided.

Took a few hours until it was worked out.

Grabbed a load of finished orders.


Good news for those waiting for the results.

Time for lunch?


Conference call.

Question:  “What are you doing for us?  Do you have any innovative solutions? Why should we keep you as our vendor?

Oh my.

So many reasons why.

Did my best to voice my actions.

It was good, but can we have more?

Tried to quell the fires from other accounts.

Guess they have my name and number.

It’s ok.

I love wild.

Or do I?

At the end of the day, I take an hour, to sit back, reflect on the day, and think about what I can do tomorrow.

It is humid.

Storms are coming.

Cats are nervous.

I make chicken sandwiches for dinner.

Can’t sit on the deck tonight.

Too stormy.

Grab my pjs.

Give thanks for another day of life on this planet.

Monday:  Good news, bad news and then, just news.

Full moon tomorrow.

Tuesday is bound to be a hoot.

Look in the refrig.

Find a clove of garlic.


Gonna look good playing ring around the rosie….. ooops, collar, keeping the wolves from knocking on the chicken coop.  Or was that the fox?

I forget.

Until then,





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