There was not the usual levity in the workplace today.

Stress levels soared.

Have we bit off more than we can chew?

Or do, oooo, you, feel like I do?

Check out the coworkers.

Yes, all of them.

The princess, the super mom, the brain, the handsome hunk a hunk of burning love, the martyr, the old goat, the laughing hyena, the cutie patootie, the man from mars, the village idiot, the grumpy cat, and of course, the cheer leader.

We choose our battles.

Is this battle worth it?

Choose wisely.

If it is internal, it rarely is.

Our battles should be with our competitors.

Whoop ass, kids.

Be better than anyone else.

Give our customers more than they expected.

And above all, rise above all the stress.



We can do it.

And when we do, acknowledge, celebrate and reward.

Guess what?

It works wonders.

It makes every one feel important.

It is a great feeling, when success is shared.

And if it continues, it becomes a way of life.

Winning is winning is winning… not just for those in power, but for all of us who contribute.

A good company says: Thanks.

A great company says: Thanks, we did it.

And a world class company acknowledges everyone who contributed and rewards them.

Tomorrow is another day to make it happen.

Do it.





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