I should not be blogging tonight.

I have to admit that I am 3 sheets to the wind.

However, it has been said that the truth comes out when one is inebriated.

So here it goes.

May I tell you what I really like?

Top ten, not in any order:

Randomly speaking, of course.

Fuzzy slippers.

People, strangers and friends, who smile when we meet.

Eye contact.

A spectacular Bloody Mary.


Tom Petty songs on Sirius radio.

Broadway shows.

A great burger.

Hanging out with friends, on the phone, in person, and with those who dive bomb.

Laughing. Hey Jimmy! You are such an axxhole.  However, that just may be the reason we are still together, 30 years and counting.

Ok, let’s make it number 11.

Crossing paths with those who may or may not agree with me.  Or may like or not like me. Or those who I may never see again.  None of that matters.


Because everything that is important happens when it happens.

Half in or half out, my fav thing in this world?  (in the bag)

Living in the moment and savoring whatever it brings.

Until tomorrow,


Wolfie, aka Chicken Buttafucco, aka, Chicken Butt, aka, Just an ordinary goof, wishing we could be friends, someday, to meet and celebrate and leave this world just a little more friendly.







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