I blinked.

It is now Sunday evening.

The weekend is like a speeding bullet, a flash of lightning, a 6 pack of beer.

Wait.  How did beer get in the picture?

This morning, I had my usual Sunday morning brew, and now, 6 later, zap!  Gone.

I lost track of how often the cats ate today, but I think it was 5 times.

They love it when I am home, taking advantage of my lack of focus and direction.

Maybe that is why the weekend seems to go by so quickly.

I don’t have a driving need to be productive.

I revert into a lazy bum, hanging out on the deck, watching the rabbits and squirrels racing around the yard.

I manage to get some things done, but I march to a different drummer.

I wonder if this is how retirement will be.

If it is, watch out.

I will become the village idiot after a week or two.

You know what?

That doesn’t sound so bad right now.

I think I will have one more beer and think about it… on the deck.

Oh, yeah, and feed the cats one more time.







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