Sometimes, I just want to do a simple thing.

Nothing spectacular.

Nothing news worthy.

Just an act of kindness.

Don’t ask who I am.

I am not looking for acclaim.

I don’t want accolades.

But I do want to make your life just a little better.

I don’t have riches.

I don’t have power.

However, I do observe.

Whatever I have, is yours.

If only it will make you feel better.

Most likely, it will not have a major impact on your life.

Perhaps we will squeak out a happy moment.

My purpose?

To make you realize that you are important.

You are unique.

You give my life meaning.

You may never even realize it, never believe that it was meant to be anything other than a friendly gesture.

Hey friend!

We board the same boat, every day.

We watch as those not so lucky, never make it to our border.

We pray that our children will survive another violent day in America or in another country  that they are protecting.

We see those who live in poverty, not just in the 3rd world, but those who live and work among us.

Terrorism and hatred is magnified every day.





And then?

A burst of courage:

We vow to live our lives, in the way we desire, in spite of the dangers.

Rising from the ashes….

The human spirit thrives.

We do what we can for each other.

We are all in it together.

And we believe that life is worth living, in spite of what may happen.

Our days are numbered.

That is nothing unusual.

Let’s make the best of the un-numbered days.

Live for today.

For the moment.

For each other.





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