Wednesday night:  6 people.

Chris:  He had a wonderful vacation, and then …… everything went down hill.

The moment he engaged me in conversation, he was “on stage” again.

An aging, has been musician.

Used to being in the lime light.

Such a ham bone.

So funny, to the point of outrageousness.

My kind of guy.

Brian:  Such a warm, friendly, outgoing idiot.

He’s a good guy, loves his Mama.

Loves Jesus, and Elvis too.

Sorry, couldn’t help it.

His laugh?


My first impression of him, years ago?

Who is this asshole?

Today:  I love this goof.

Enter Colleen:

Mother of the year.

Woman of the century.

Bartender of the ages.

A loving, friendly, person.

A born in the Midwest down home woman, who comes across as being in control,

With a heart of gold,

A poet,

Or is it poetress?

A role model.

A fantastic friend.

And a funny, crazy lady.

Enter Scott.

Oh yeah.

A work in progress.

A man who works hard every day,

Who lives for the days he can be with his daughter,

Every week,

Every day he can.

He does his best to give her a good life.

Often times, he goes overboard.

But then, can a father ever really do too much for the love of his life?

His daughter?

Phone rings.


A thunderstorm brewing in NYC.

Her dog is shaking.

The earth is quaking.

Is it raining in Pennsylvania?

She is lonely.

Misses Jim.

She never thought he would pass on before she did.

Oh how one’s life can change in an instant.

Getting ready to leave the scene, when DH arrives.

What the hell?

Not you!

Where are the kids?

How did you get out?

Let’s have a drink and some cheesy garlic bread.

I feel honored.

Sitting with this wonder woman, who has worked with me for the past 14 years or so.

She is amazing.

She is one hell of a worker.

She runs the most efficient department in our company.

And she is a fabulous mother, wife and friend.

Getting dark now.

I jump in the car and drive home.

Oh, what a lovely evening.

6 people.

All so special to me.

Thanks, guys, for making this evening one to remember.

To seize the moment is to live.






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