Hey friends, have you ever had a Thursday that left you parched, scorched and exhausted?

I have heard that most of us rarely give 100% on any given day, to any endeavor.

Well, maybe the obsessed, the fanatics, and the driven,  might.

But the majority of the working class?

Highly doubtful.

Those that still had something, anything, left to give to the cause, worked overtime tonight.

Kudos to them.

As for me, I left the work place like a wounded cat, with my tail down, slinking off into the sunset.

I normally look forward to an hour or so of relaxation over a few brewskies, but not tonight.

The hours went by in a blur, issue after issue, some resolved, some not.

As I look back on my efforts, I wonder if anything I did really mattered.

In the scheme of dollars and cents, I can’t compete with the big guns.

Not my accounts.

I will give it another shot tomorrow.

And next week… and next month…

But not forever.

Some of us need to feel that what we do is important.

Some of us need to feel that we are supported.

Some of us need to succeed.

I do.

And if not… well, it has been a good run.

But I cannot stand by to see it fall apart, to lose what we have worked so many years to perfect.

I am parched, scorched and exhausted tonight.

My efforts may not be important anymore.

It is a time for reckoning.

And a time to decide if one’s character, value and beliefs merit a change.





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