I rarely fail to blog about some nonsense.

This was one of those rarities.

Sinuses flared into an uproar.

Took everything I had, to concentrate on Friday.

So, I took the long way home, which, actually, was very short.

Straight shot to the rural area of Pennsylvania where the deer and the antelope play.

Ok, so no antelope, but the deer and the rabbits abound.

Took a brief hiatus of 24 hours, to calm the savage beast.

And now, I am back.

2 or 3 strange but true stories to share:

At the grocery store, it was her first day.

She was no spring chicken.

Maybe 10 years younger than I.

Maybe 10 years older.

Poor thing.

She had no clue.

And slow?


I thought about her career choice.

Did she leave a stressful position somewhere, to check groceries?

Well, as they say, the grass is greener.

But who cares?

The yuppies at the grocery store were not amused.

I felt like taking her aside and asking her if she wanted to join a new venture, in Oregon, driving the magic wagon.

However, after 45 short minutes, (wink wink) of waiting, I just couldn’t bring myself to it.

Drove to the watering hole, to say hello to Kelly and to have my daily dose of Vitamin C.

Well, after a few drinks and an order of, yes, you got it, cheesy garlic bread, I was ready to leave.

And then one of the patrons left, stopped at my table, and said, “Goodnight.  I love you.”

What the hell?

“Hey Kelly, was he drunk or what?”

She agreed, he must have been.

Anyway, home again, home again, jiggity jig.

It is at least 98 degrees and climbing.

Even my cold beer is tepid after 10 minutes.

The cable is out.

The cats are hungry.

I have carried up 4 loads of groceries.

But hey, it’s ok.

After all, somebody loves me.









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