“I could really go for a beef roast.”

“What?  Are you crazy?  It is supposed to 110 degrees today.”

“Ok, then.  How about a pork roast?”


“I don’t feel well.”

“Kick back and have a beer.”

“I’ve already had 6.”


“The cat wants to come in.”

“I just let him out.”

“Why did you do that?  He wants to come in.”


“Are you sleeping?”




“What are you watching on TV?”

“The walking dead.”

“A marathon?”

“No, the polka tent at Musikfest.”


“Can I get you anything?”

“What did you have in mind?”

“A kick in the hind end?”


“It’s hot in here. Turn on the AC.”

“It is on.”

“Oh #%@%#%!”


“Boy, I could go for a dip in the pool.”

“We don’t have a pool.”

“Quit being so negative.”


“I refuse to cook.  It is too hot.”

“Let’s order pizza then.”

“Nobody delivers  pizza out here in the boonies.”

“Ok. then, order Chinese.”













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