We all have them.

Just a few:

Rock or Country?

The Florida coast or the Washington state coast?

An RV or a hotel?

Meat or veggies?

Winter or summer?

Jeans or dresses?

A movie or a book?

A bus trip to NYC or to Dallas, TX?

Horse race or horse back riding?

Dog or cat?

Elope or big wedding?

Job or a career?

Church or a casino?

Money or love?

City or country?

Rare or well done?

Outspoken or reserved?

Art gallery or aquarium?

Roses or sunflowers?

Apartment or house?

Text or talk?

Passenger or driver?

Beauty or brains?

Donald or Hillary?

War or peace?

Pepperoni or sausage?

Respect or admiration?

Learning or teaching?

Education or experience?

Bridges or fences?

Brussels sprouts or cauliflower?

You or I …. or we?






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