Well, at the time it sounded like a plan.

Root planning and scaling.

It was guaranteed to …..uhm, scale and plane the gums.


See you in 3 months.

Oh? Why?

It takes 3 months for your gums to heal.

Month 2 and sinuses are flaming.

This is in a woman who has never had sinus problems before.


Constant sneezing.

Puffy eyes.

Aching teeth.

So after a week or two of discomfort, off to the doc.

Well, yes, an infection, but to be expected.

Let it run its course.

Should be better in another month.

Meanwhile, inhalers and pain meds.

So if you happen to run into an aged chicken, with red eyes, a pumpkin face, sneezing her ass off, be gentle.

She is slightly off kilter, and could very well, peck you to death, if provoked.

And this is before she has a double.




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