The Cx Butt took a much milder approach tonight.

Or did she?

She could not enter the forbidden establishment again tonight.

I mean, how dare she voice her opinions in a tavern?

She took the low road, to a friendly, familiar place, with outrageous patrons,

And laughed her fat old chicken butt off.

The 4 guys at the bar had worked all day, out in the elements.

Blue collar guys, none of whom was offended by anything the aging cx b had to say.

For an hour, they performed.

She laughed.

Why they feel they have to be on stage is beyond me.

But they always are.

And they are ridiculously funny.

Colleen was at her best, serving drinks, dinner and juggling the many requests and personalities that exist in a local bar.

Relaxed, refreshed and slightly tipsy, the CB drove home, listening to Led Z, claiming to have a bustle in their hedgerow.

What a nice surprise awaited.

Fresh sweet corn, potatoes and tomatoes were on the counter.

A gift from a friend’s garden.

Mater sandwiches tonight, with mayo, wheat bread, salt and pepper.

Can life get any better?

And the best part?

It is only Friday night.

The weekend beckons and looms.







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