Hey !


Have you ever said:  “Thank goodness it’s Monday?”

I thought not.

Well, lots of folks returned from vacation today.

Most went to a warm and sunny beach, or a fun filled week on a cruise.

The rest of us?

It was one of those hotsy totsy weeks.

90 + degrees.

Some of us worked in a warehouse without AC.

Others went home only to find their AC bombed out.

As they say, when you’re hot, you’re hot.

And that we were.

Unbelievably true, but the kids are returning to school already.

Oh how the days of summer seem to grow shorter every year.

Soon, unofficially, summer will come to a close.

Labor day!

The last wild weekend at the Jersey Shore.

The final holiday before the turkey and santa come sneaking around.

Had to stop at the pharmacy today and the aisles were filled with Halloween candy, decorations, and costumes.

What’s with our society?


The summer stuff is on sale.

75% off.

The department stores are showing fall trends.

Boots and coats and leggings.


It’s Monday.

August 22.

80 degrees.

Maybe we ought to rethink how we feel about Mondays.

Some are really are not so bad.

After all, it is still summer.

No blizzards to contend with.

No snow to plow.

So, in closing, I have to say:

“Thank goodness it’s Monday.”

Enjoy it while it lasts.

To every thing, there is a season.

Don’t wish it away.




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