Somebody said:  “Hey, you idiot. It takes an obsession and a passion to get you to the top of the heap.”

You have to live, breathe, spend all the days of your life pursuing that passion.

If you falter, get up again and do it.

Let’s assume it is music.

After all, the Chicken Butt has seen it all.

First, her own obsession.

Symphony… First oboe. Music Major. Full scholarship.

Then, Husband Number 1.

Nothing better than orchestra, symphony, jazz, talent.

The King and I?

Shall we dance?

Smoky bars and cheap saloons:  Are we performing for you? or for ourselves?

Moving on to living a life with only the desire to perform, to give it up for the band.

Seeing the groupies crowding around.

What’ s your name, little girl?

Oh, no, I can’t compete, said the chicken butt.

However, I can move on to my life.

And that I did.
Good bye Mr. Bill.

Hello Mr. Bob.

What? You too?

Another partner who lived for the spot light?

Left in the middle of the night… in rural NJ.

Hello Mr Jim.

Oh God, why?

Why and how is it that I attract these musicians?

I think about the sacrifices the super stars have made.

They must live and breathe, obsessed with music.

Sorry, folks.

I have a passion for music., but it does not consume my life.

I have retired my oboe.

My music is the dance of life.

Bill, Bob and Jim: You no longer define my life.

Can we dance?


In the sun and in the rain?


Hello, my friends.

I don’t care if you can carry a tune, a tuba or a bassoon.

Let’s dance to the music of life.

It is, afterall, the greatest pleasure of our lives:

To live, to laugh, to sing and to dance.

And it doesn’t matter if we excel at any of it.

Life is just living it.






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