Amazing, today.

Yes, some days hold amazing stories.

Stories, never to reach beyond the moment.

Known only to those who experienced it.

Drama at its finest, known only to a few.

May I offer this brief, unadulterated version of an ordinary day, laced with the ridiculous, the sublime and the reality of the working world?

Work work work work work.

I am important.

Stress stress stress.

I race out to my car, to drive to the local Burger King for lunch, while talking to my client, in cursive words:  “Yeah, it’s me.  I have not received your confirmation yet.  (car engine starting). If I don’t hear from you soon, your job may be in jeopardy.”  Hello?  Welcome to Burger King:  Your order please?

I am important. I come in early. I stay late.  I don’t trust anyone else to do what I do.  What? You want to know if you can help me?  No, sorry.  No one can do what I do.  I am so tired, but hey, don’t worry about me.

It’s 445pm. 30 orders come in. Oh great.  Now what?  So sad. So sorry. Suck it up Buttercup. Do you really think anyone cares?

May I ask?  If someone is assigned to do a job, and that person just doesn’t seem to comprehend what is expected, am I at fault?

I am not a certified trainer.  I can not even begin to explain all the things I do within a day.  I have an account. The requests come in. I do the best I can.  There is seldom a request that is duplicated. Every request deserves my attention. I give it all I have.  Can I train on random requests?  What ever happened to taking the initiative, problem solving and partnering to do the best for a customer?  Sometimes there are no rule books.

I witness success, promotions, celebrations.

I observe those who are masters at delegating, and who still take credit for the results.

Oh yes, work life is not perfect.

We focus on what is most profitable.

It is, after all, our future.

I hope that is correct.

I have some doubts.

What if the high end customer suddenly decides to move on?

To find another home?

Or to downsize after another stock market crash?

In my humble opinion, long term valued customers should always come first.

They are, after all, the living and breathing success of continuing give and take, of partnership, and respect.

But what do I know?







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