An artist must stare at a blank canvas, before a masterpiece can be imagined.

A musician starts with a few chords, adding each nuance, until the finale is realized.

A writer begins writing, letting the mind wander and finds a story.

A sculptor takes clay in hand, watching the magic emerge.

A poet sees the world in another dimension, filling pages with a vision that most of us fail to see or to understand.

An athlete will stretch his/her ability to its limit, to succeed.

A mother will lay down her life for any of her offspring.

A father devotes his life to provide for his family.

A teacher believes that the youth of today are the hope of tomorrow.

A doctor’s goal is to preserve life.

A friend is one who will let you be whatever and whoever you are.

A spouse is your greatest supporter.

A sister will listen to you, laugh with you and tell you the truth.

A brother, your protector.

A child, your legacy.

Your pet is your non judgmental companion.

Your material possession and wealth don’t really matter.

Only your relationships, your passions and your beliefs can define you.

The sky is the limit.




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