Have you ever interviewed yourself?

In the job setting?

Try it.

See who you are.

Or what you are.

10 questions.  Answer honestly or answer how you believe you are perceived. It’s up to you.

  1. Define your current role. What value do you add?
  2. Using one word, how would your co workers describe you?
  3. Attendance/punctuality/reliability:  Yes? or No?
  4. Disaster occurs:  Take the sword?  Take the fifth? Take the “I have not been trained”?
  5. Your personality?  A. In charge.  B. Team centered  C. Problem solver. D. Suck up.
  6. Importance?  1. To win.   2. To be liked.  3.  To avoid pain.
  7. What would entice you to leave your job and accept a position with another company?
  8. Do you have a mentor? A hero?  Or are you one of a kind?
  9. Moody? Or consistent?  (consistent can be positive or negative)
  10. Do you thrive on interaction with others? or prefer to work alone?

There are no correct answers.

There are no perfect people.

Well, except for you and me, maybe.






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