What is on your mind tonight?

Do you feel like it’s time to do the dishes, give the kids a bath and climb into bed with a book?

The sun is going down early.

Dark by 815pm.

Summer is waning.

The kids are back in school.

Another year begins.

Football, soccer, swim meets, orchestra, marching, home work.

It’s a mile stone for some.

Kids are entering Jr or Sr high.

Oh yeah.  Those were the days.

Vacations are over.

The work force is gearing up for the 4th quarter push.

Competition rules.

Make the team.

Get good grades.

Be popular.

Be visible.

Get involved.

Rise above.

However, remember, the team rules.

Or does it?

The team may win a game.

The team may win an account.

The team may get an award.

The team carries the trophy.

And then?

Who is it that rises to the top?

Think about those you admire.

They might be a member of a team.

They often take the team to new heights.

They convince the team that everyone counts.

But in the end, who do you really think counts?

NY football: Joe or the Jets?

NY baseball:  Derek or the Yankees?

Aerosmith:  Steven or the other guys?

The Kennedys:  JFK or his brothers?

Civil Rights:  MLK Jr or the Supreme Court?

Microsoft:  Bill Gates or Paul Allen?

Santa or Rudolph?

Peter Pan or Tinker?

The Wiz or Dorothy?

Landing a big account or holding onto an existing one?

Making money for your company or collaborating to make money for your company and your account?

Retiring because you are tired, or working because you are determined to make it, after all.

Taking an expensive vacation or hanging out with friends and sharing what you have?

Ok. I have no answers.

I only want to know the answer to one question:

What the hell are we all looking for?

Damned if I know.

Cheers, everyone.

Your friend, in need, indeed.





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