From humble beginnings.

The “Corner”

She was one of the originals.

Let’s see who else was in there?

Mandy, Lynne, Nicole, and the Chicken B.

Mandy moved on…. to Florida.

Lynne, to Nirvana.

Nicole, to Baltimore.

And now Jacy joins the invisible force behind the scenes.

Making things happen.

Working with the finest.

Leaving behind only a few of the pioneers.

Ok, leaving behind the ancient and deranged Chicken B.

So on the eve of the departure of our sista Jacy, these things we will miss:



  1. walk
  2. style.
  3. laugh
  4. knowledge.
  5. organizational skills.
  6. supportive help
  7. attitude, good, bad or just plain outrageous
  8. technical skills
  9. BS when needed
  10. And above all, her need for others.  (Even though she will tell you, she is not a people person)

Oh and let us not forget: Jules and Eric.

So happy they are together again, thriving and loving and enjoying the life they deserve.

Hey, Jacy.

No more meeting me at 9am, to shoot you.

What a hoot you were… and are… and will be.

One of a kind.

Thanks for all the memories.

Hope you will keep in touch.

We will miss you!






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