Oh what a difference a day off can make.

No alarm.

It’s what?  930am?

You want breakfast?

Let’s have soft boiled eggs and toast with peanut butter.

Want a peach?

Or a slice of apple pie?

How about a movie?



Let me whip up some veggie and beef soup.

It’s what?


No, I didn’t get dressed.

Feeling a tad bit tired.

How about a nap?

I have the munchies.

Tortilla chips and cheese with hot peppers?

Another movie?

It’s what?


I need to sit on the deck and have a few beers.

Just think at what I did not accomplish today.


And it felt so good.

You want a chicken sandwich?

Sorry, we ran out of bread.


And guess what?

I aint going to the store tonight.

You can have the sandwich on a whole wheat hamburger roll.


Hey, there is a hurricane on the horizon.

No kidding.

And we have no bread.

Let’s go on a low carb diet.


Geez.  Now I have to go out tomorrow.

Just as I was adjusting to my new life style.

Good thing I am not retired yet.

I would be a facsimile of the Good Year Blimp in less than a month.

Oink oink.

Oh boy, 2 more days off.

I can’t wait.

Who needs the Jersey shore when I can stay home and be a beached whale?







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