Hmmm.   A new Saint.  Mother Teresa.

I wonder what it takes to be nominated for sainthood.

Probably stuff like this:


Wearing the craziest leggings in the world:  Annie Bananie.

Having the best buns:  MCat.

Consistent bossiness:   Beaver

Pretending she is lady like, but isn’t:  Yi Dalia.

Best rendition of “The BIrd’s the Word” : Barb  (and “What is Love?”)

Worst dieter:  Oz.

Crazy cat lady:  Kat.

Flower child:  Krissy.

Holding the Guiness World Record for saying:  “I Quit!”  E.

Obsessive note taker:  Donna

Pretending to have an English Accent:  Alan

Way too happy:  Alyssia.

The couple more famous than Brad and Angelina:  Kyle and Heather.

Next iron chef:  Fatima

Perfect little angel:  Chewy.

Chubby and Blonde…. and a hoot:  Gina.

Longest EMail responses:  Pat.

The overachiever, who never eats:  Rachael.

Having the most beautiful cube:  Chris.

Pretending to be a princess and getting away with it: Sheeda.

The silliest goose ever:  Scottie.

Mother T Jr:  Liz.


And the winner is:

Jacy, for taking the chicken b out back and shooting her.









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