Heroes emerge.

Sometimes, in the workplace.

I ran into George today.

He was walking through the warehouse, like a mother…. ok a father goose, with several new hires.

He stopped to say “Hi. How you doing?”

I looked at him and thought:  Gee, do these new hires realize what a great guy George is?

A veteran of the Marine Corp.

A husband, father, and grand father.

The manager of the temp staffing company, who recruits and hires those who make our company successful.

He looks good, in a kilt or in a suit.

He is engaging and intelligent, devoted to his family and his job.

I used to smoke.

So did George.

We would meet outside, and talk about life, our world, our future, politics, feelings, family, religion, and our dreams.

A hot dog stand.

Maybe, some day, on the well traveled roads of the USA, with girls in bikinis.

And great hot dogs.

And then our conversation would turn to food:

Time to turn to low carb: Garlic, yogurt and veggies.

Jersey coffee, hard rolls and pizza.

He is an exceptional cook.

But mostly, he is an exceptional husband.

The other day, his wife had a meeting at our work place.

I noticed George was in the office.

He was waiting for her to arrive, just to see her walk in to the meeting.

He was smiling, admiring the woman he loves.

Such a wonderful feeling I have, seeing him as he looks at her.

Hey George:  I don’t often get to talk to you, like we used to.

I miss those days.

Our conversations always made me reflect on what is important.  And real.

Now you are a proud grandfather.

Such a lovely child.

Such a lovely face.

Such a happy place.

Kudos to you George.

You are my hero.

I must admit that I am a better person, knowing you.




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