America dunks on donuts?

Or is it America runs on dunking?

How about :America! You lazy asses.  You didn’t make coffee again, so you hit up DD.

Decided to have an iced coffee.

Just didn’t do it for me.

Can I have an egg and cheese croissant?

Hold your horses, America.

How in the world did they get that sandwich ready in 5 seconds?

I drove up at 7am.

There were at least 20 cars lined up.

What the hell?

My e/c on a croissant?

Quite bland.

Actually, not that good.

The coffee?


But so very handy.

So easy to just drive up and get immediate service/satisfaction/crap.

Yes, I said it.


If I had just walked into the 24 hour grocery store, I could have had a pastry, fresh and warm from the oven, with several coffee choices.

But then I remembered: America runs on Dunkin.

America runs on not getting out of our cars.

America runs on the path of least resistance.

America runs late and has to get the hell to work after over sleeping.

So we put ice in our coffee and load up on sugar and cream.

We position that cup on our desks and admire its beauty, as it revs up our motors and makes us feel invincible.

By noon, hey!

Pizza ?

Who’s in?

No way.

Give me Chinese.

Hey, I prefer BK or McD.

And at 3pm, winding down……

Is anyone going to DD?

I could use a coffee.

And a brownie.

Well, make mine a medicinal brownie.

Hey, everyone else in the work place is hyped up with fast food and caffeine.

I prefer to chill, but skip the iced coffee.

America may run on dunkin, but I am running down a dream, on empty.

See you in Colorado, friends..

I hear there are dunkin donut establishments there, living the dream…. right across the street….from  the store with the magic beans.





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