September has always been one of my favorite months.

Not too hot….



Something happened this year.

90 degrees in Pennsylvania?

What the heck?

While it is 48 degrees in Rapid City, SD?

I decided to check my electric bill.

It’s been an unusually hot month.

The AC has been running in the bedroom, the living room and the TV room non stop.

For the past month:  $66.


That’s it?

I thought the electric companies were raising their rates.

How many calls have I had from start up electric companies, letting me know that my bill would be sky high and I better switch while I had the chance.

My friend switched a few months ago.

She used to pay $100 a month in the summer.

With the new company, she started out with a $30 dollar charge…then $50, followed by $70 and now? Well, try $200.

Actually, mine has decreased.  Oh not by much, but at least $15 a month.

So much for competition.

My phone bill is another example of craziness.

$20 a month, for local service, and if any long distance calls were placed, well, it depended.

I averaged about $50 a month.

Today with Cell phones and the other additives, I have unlimited long distance and local calls., along with wifi and all that jazz.  $100 a month.

Cable TV?  Back in the day?  $30 a month.

Today, with a bundled package:  close to $200.

I don’t even watch TV very often.

I rarely call people out of town.

And if the phone happens to ring, at night, I am so burned out from talking at work, that I ignore it.

Where is this going?

I have no W#%@%5 idea.

I just know that there are some things we really don’t need, but we still have them.

And then, there is September.

I need a nice 50 degree evening, a hint of fall in the air, with the trees starting their colorful show.

I am not one to complain about warm weather, but hey, this is goofy.

I think I will find a nice cool spot tomorrow when the temps hit 99  on my day off, and enjoy a few blasts of vitamin C.

I love a blast.

And a day off.

Just one last comment:  Ask me if I care how hot it will be tomorrow?





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