We have a failure to communicate.

The reason?

I tried to help you and you are a sociopath.

Are you a doctor?


Am you a therapist?


So what makes you think that I am anti social.

Oh you are not anti social. Not at all.  You are a world class social animal. You know how to get your way, and you will do anything and say anything to have others take care of you.

But I have found religion.  I am saved. Have you ever been saved?

Shut the F up.  I have nothing against religion.  We all believe, in our own way, but you…. you are a taker, a loser and will cry like a baby, when it involves your comfort.

But I have always loved you.

With that, the Wolf goes on a final rant:


Don’t give me that BS.

Listen to me:

As Tom Petty sings: “Don’t come around here no more.  Whatever you are looking for.  Don’t come around here no more.”

Do not invade my little world.  Don’t use your children as enablers.  Just go away.

If you come here, or call me, you will not be welcome.

I really don’t know where you are welcome anymore.

Show up here, and you will be sorry.

End of conversation.





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