Forensic Files:

Suspicious death.

Husband number 1:

She tried to call him.

The line was busy.

For 2 days?

The next day:  Police arrived.

Your husband is dead.

He tried to call for help, but it was too late.

No, he was not living with me at the time.

We were separated.

He died alone.

I tried to call him, caring about him, even though we were estranged.

Today:  Husband number 2:

Busy signal, all afternoon.

He is not well.

OMG.  No!  It can’t be.

Such a long afternoon.

No one to check on him.

If only he would pick up the phone, and call me, if….. he is able to.

Not again.

The longest afternoon in history.

When I arrived home, I immediately raced up the stairs:

“Hello?  Are you ok?”

And I heard his voice.

He had no idea that his phone had run out of juice, or whatever phones run out of.

He said: “How about making me a hamburger?”

You know what?

I could not be happier tonight, making that burger.

We have an agreement now.

We need to have contact, once a day, preferably around 2pm.

I just need to hear his voice.

I need to have that feeling that everything is ok, at least for today.

I can’t eat tonight.

I need a beer.

I am exhausted.

My cat is not eating again.

She is dying.

I will miss her.

But Jim is still with me.

And that fills my heart with hope and love.

Oh life, how fleeting you are.

And how precious you are.

One day, I will look back and ask myself if I did everything I could to make our lives special.

The answer?  Of course you did.  You tried.  You believed you would live forever. But you won’t. We all have a beginning and an end.

Those easy early years fly by, like a warm summer’s day.

But in the end, we can only hope for peace and serenity. And if we are lucky enough, a sense of being loved by those who are in our lives.

I resolve  to cherish every moment, every hour and every day, that I have with my loved ones until death do us part.




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