Walked into Rite Aid:

“Hey, Chicken Butt!”

That’s all it took.

“See you tonight, Pattie?”

And so it came to pass, that 2 crazy women strolled into the neighborhood bar to toast to life.

We laughed, and laughed, and had a couple of drinks, and laughed some more.

She was born and raised in NJ.

Me?  Minnesota.

Both Catholic.

She misses her family, in Jersey.

I miss mine in Minnesota.

But we are here, in Pennsylvania, and we shared a hundred or a thousand laughs tonight, just for the hell of it.

2 slightly wacky women, living in the boonies, and still trying to decide what we will be when and if we grow up.

Reminiscing about our past, sharing stories about working with the public, letting down our guard, and being who we are.

There is nothing better than connecting, sharing and laughing. We listened, we were irreverent and we bordered on the obnoxious, as we toasted to one another.

Hey, Pattie!

Hope to see you again, soon.

Thanks for the therapeutic treatment.

It was a mini vacation, from the harsh realities of life.

And a trip into the twilight zone.







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