Not what I would call a stellar day.

Oh, wait.

My performance should have/could have won an academy award.

My roles started spinning at 730am and did not quit until tonight at 6pm.

A few of the characters that I portrayed today:

.  A greeter.

. A martyr.

. A Cougar.

. A victim.

. A pseudo expert.

. A nobody.

. A bar fly….ooops, a table fly.

. The only one who would answer the phone.

. The old gal up front who helps me when the machines take my money.

. The hub go to…… for just about anything and everything.

. The grocery store.

. The complaint department.

. The therapist.

. The keeper of the PC mail box.

. The wiped out old bag who just wanted to have an hour to herself after work.

.  The juggler of the benefit enrollment orders, as they start the million dog march.

. The wife and cat mom, making dinner for her besties.

. The smiling idiot, in the middle of the fracas.

. The outrageous chicken butt in full regalia.

. The target of the religious sales rep, who threatened to report her to the pope, if she didn’t get those orders done.

. The aging syncophant.  Is that a word?  .  Ooops, I meant, the aging Elephant.  No, I just meant, hey, it’s Friday night and I have had enough.

. If I return on Monday, it will be a miracle.

. Sometimes, I wonder….is it worth it?

.  And does anyone really care?  Yes, I do.  But is that what it is all about?





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