My cat loves his groceries.

He doesn’t give 2 hoots about me.

Today, he ate 4 times, in 3 hours.


Because he jumped up on my lap and suckered me into his eating frenzy.

He is a food hound.

They say cats are not able to communicate verbally with people.


This one hangs out and says, “Oh Wow!” about a hundred times until I can’t stand another minute of it and feed him again.

Wouldn’t you think he would say, “Oh Wow!” after he eats?


He goes outside and terrorizes rabbits and chipmunks and birds.

After 4 or 5 hours, he is back, at the door.

When I let him in, he checks his dishes.

Nope, not completely full.

Not gonna eat til it is filled to the brim.

He is getting mighty old.

I guess he is at least 15 years old.

I always thought old people and old cats didn’t require as much food, as the youngsters, but this Oh Wow Cat is one hungry boy.

He went out again.

I expect him back in a couple of hours….. starving.

Actually, I look forward to it.

He makes me laugh.

What a goof he is!

It’s remarkable how he has trained me.




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