I am striving to find a meaning to the lives of those who live to destroy.

Talking to young couples:  Hey, we are getting married in a few months. We want to work for awhile, buy a house and have a family.

I wonder if these terrorists have plans like that:  Yeah, I am 21 years old and spend every night making bombs to blow up my neighborhood.

And then there are those who devote their lives to a cause.

For the protection of our children, for the preservation of our environment, for the destruction of human life.

Have we created this mess?

Is it because of the have and the have nots?

Is it religion?

Is it something we have done?

Or is it just the difference in our cultures, our thinking and our beliefs that divide us and fill us with hatred?

If you are like me, living in the USA is a wonderful thing, but no piece of cake.

We work for what we have.

We sacrifice for our children.

We help our neighbors and friends.

We don’t always have everything we would like, but we share whatever it is we have.

I believe we all want to preserve our way of life, and as we send our daughters and sons to the battle field, we weep, with pride.

I don’t get it.



Random shootings.

Killing the innocent.

For what?

Tonight, I think I may have hit on one of the reasons:

It is because we are the US.

And we have the best country in our world.

Ok. Not perfect, but what a target if you happen to be a hateful, dissatisfied lonely soul, searching for a reason, that never really makes any sense.

So tonight, we know that there will be more attempts to disrupt our lives, just like what happened this weekend in NY and NJ.

However, an amazing turn of events: Responsible person caught, within 24 hours of this attempt to frighten this country.

It didn’t work.

We love our lives and our country too dearly.

And we will not give up.




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