Giving a cat a bath?

Are you kidding?

I did it.


Clawed, bleeding and wet, I emerged.


Well, she is now wrapped up in an afghan, with a snoot face, hating me.

I didn’t have cat shampoo.

I used baking soda.

Heck, I figured if baking soda cleans everything else, why not a cat?

At one point, she had a claw dug into my arm, like she was ready to pull the skin right off.

But she didn’t.

And I let her run around, a little, to let off some steam, before we were through.

She seemed to have no interest in grooming herself, this past week.

And she wouldn’t eat.

So I figured, like most girls, she needed a little attention.

What girl doesn’t like a night at the spa?

I poured her a night cap: Some kitty milk.

Her brother came over to investigate and she hissed at him.

I like that!


Hoping for the best, that she will pull through.

Another vigil tonight.




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