Working folks:

Hey, there is always one …. or more who irritate the @5%@#%@%@% out of you.


So what do you do about the situation?

10 point plan of the Chicken Butt:

  1.  If it doesn’t affect you or your performance, let it go.   It ain’t worth stressing over.

2.  If it borders on criminal or unethical, report it, and let it go.  You can’t control everything.

3.  If it involves one person who continually annoys you, find a way to address it, and confront the situation. If you don’t, live with it, you coward.

4.  If you find the environment overwhelmingly unfair or unacceptable, choose whether to put up with it or to quit.  It is your decision.

5.  When you have reached your limit, take a time out, or a few days off.  The grass is not always greener.

6.  Look at your behavior.  Are you a contributing factor?   If so, correct it.

7.  Get focused and involved.  The more you are committed to your job, the less others will bug the Q#W#@%#5 out of you.

8.  Don’t expect the work place to be fair in all respects.  Nothing is perfect.

9.  Recommend changes to processes.  Don’t let your emotions rule.

10.  Realize that everyone is different, yet we all want mostly the same thing :  To be valued, to be respected and to contribute.

Success?  It is doing what is right, and doing it right, the first time.

But mostly it is about learning to work with others.

Even those goofs who drive you to drink.

Personally, I like those people.

They provide me with an excuse….







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