A day in the life of a chicken butt:

5am:  Oh wow. oh wow. oh wow.  (heard as I walked into the kitchen to turn on the coffee pot.)

It was the Oh Wow cat, outside, after a night of fighting or whatever that goof does.

I let him in, and told him I really didn’t feel like getting up quite yet.

6am:  The Oh Wow cat was on his third meal of the day.

Me?  I was on my second cup of coffee, wishing I could pour a little Irish blessing in my cup.

8am:  At work.

Comments:  “Hey!  I thought you had the chicken pox.”.

Oh cripes, I forget, I posted that ridiculous thing last night about having the pox.

830am: Pasted red hearts over my face.

9am:  Walked through the warehouse.

The usual reaction:


“What the hell is on your face?”

Response:  “Oh, I have a contagious disease.  Chicken Pox.  Wouldn’t you think my boss would tell me to get the hell home?  But no, somehow, nobody really believes me.”

10am:  “Got any candy?”

“Uhm. Geez, Somebody ate it.”

Noon: Wheels on meals.  Had to head home to feed the cats and Jim.

Oh Wow cat:  no where to be found. Probably outside, bloated from the 3 breakfast meals.

Puff:  Hiding.  Somehow she knew I had meds for her, from her friends Harry and MCat.

Jim:  Sick. Ok.  Maybe a cup of tomato soup.

Me?  Geez, I don’t know.  I guess I should eat.  Grabbed 2 pb and j sandwiches.

Back at work:

2pm:  Oh yeah, a web meeting.

Huh?  Did anyone else get what that was all about?

Our boss:  Can’t talk?

Huh?  What did we do to make that happen?

3pm:  Looked in the mirror. Pox gone.

Thanks Pat, for bringing me the cure:   A weiner saved the day.

Many issues for the rest of the day, all relatively resolved.

Even those for the pope.

5pm:  Bye bye Ms American Pie.

Time to put on my nurse’s cap and trip the light fandango.

Until tomorrow,






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